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Jurupa Asset Management (JAM)

Anterion believes that data possess an edge when it comes to making investment decisions. If you have the best data, you are equipped to make the best investment decisions.

JAM is founded as a Joint Venture between Anterion and Redstone Digital GmbH, a leading German VC investor with deep roots in data science. 

Anterion is currently raising seed capital for JAM to execute a platform build-up that will tahe the industry to the next level.

PE & VC funds are a global alternative asset class. The fund managers mostly cater to institutional investors, funds-of-funds, wealth managers and family offices. Not to retail investors due to the "alternative" label. That label is primarily due to the liquidity profile of the investments, where invested money are locked for years, contrary to listed securities where a sale, in theory, always is possible.


The funds invests in companies not owned by a wider audience of shareholders, not listed on any stock exchange. Therefore there are other information disclosure requirements, both from the companies targeted by the VC & PE funds, and for the funds themselves. 


This makes thorough and systematic analysis of the investment vehicles almost impossible.


That is where JAM comes in. JAM is developing proprietary software that gathers enormous amounts of data, from a large number of sources both public as well as behind expensive paid-for passwords. 


The outcome of JAMs work with data is the ability to provide not just an overview of the funds that actually exist (yes, no one has an overview of the full market!), but also will allow JAM to - via a complex set of data science techniques (machine learning, trend analysis etc) - create an informed basis for choosing the best funds to invest in. By the way... there are to our best knowledge no institutional investor in the world that has this level of data depth and insight.

That is why JAMs strategy is truly special.     

JAM will make money and grow its equity value by two business lines. Firstly, by distributing (to qualified investors only) fund products and build the content based on deep data science unavailable to anyone else in the market. Secondly, offer very large investors bespoke advisory services based on an x-ray of their existing portfolios. JAM can offer insights on diversification and risk that no one in the market can.  

If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in JAMs journey, do contact us on and/or 


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