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Flex Capital Partners

Flex Capital is run by a team of entrepreneurs, with a track record of investing EUR 4m of their personal wealth in 5 Internet & SaaS companies providing a total return of EUR 23m (MOIC of 5.8x).


TheFund provides institutional investors with access to a diverse pool of proprietary majority and larger minority equity investments in the underserved growth segment – profitable companies with revenues of EUR 3-25m in the German Internet & Software Mittelstand.  


The Flex Cap team has a unique focus of targeting small founder-owned profitable “Growth Champions” and “Below Potentials” companies that are not necessarily seeking new capital, but where the team helps the founders to financially de-risk and provide value creation through their hands-on entrepreneurial approach. 


The team has a strong skillset as serial entrepreneurs with a proven investment track record on both the private and the corporate side, as well as Management Consulting and M&A experience.

The team is Cornerstone backed by well-respected entrepreneurs and experienced VC investors and is raising a total of € 200 million.

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